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Enjoying Christ Small Groups
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A Christian Community Without Borders

Our journey with Christ should be enjoyable and fulfilling. Enjoying Christ are small groups that help people fully experience the love of Jesus. We gather each week for a discussion about how to make Jesus real in our lives and in the lives of others. Along the way we learn how to read the Bible and apply it to our times.  Members gather in small groups, in-person, and online to create a community of faith, love, and service. Whether you are a practicing Christian or just curious about the Bible, you are welcome to Enjoy Christ with us!

Meeting Times -TBD

Membership Information

The following are the conditions of membership to an Enjoying Christ small group.

  • Enjoy Christ - This group focuses on building relationships with God and other people. It is for those who are interested in learning more about God and how to understand the Bible in a relaxed and comfortable environment. In other words, we do a lot of laughing while we learn.

  • Regularly Attend - Please try to attend the group consistently. If you are going to have to miss a week, please email us in advance.  If you do not want to miss the conversation, we can record the study for you if you request it.

  • Live It! - God does not want us just to be hearers, but he wants us to be doers.  Members strive to live their faith and apply what we learn in the Enjoying Christ sessions. 

Group Norms

In order to make sure everyone has the best possible experience, we have set the following Group Norms.

  • Let your motivation be love. Each member should be respectful of their fellow members and esteem others better than themselves. We should also assume others have the best intentions, and we should also take responsibility for impact, even if it is inadvertent.

  • Limit your airtime. We should be brief in our comments so everyone has a chance to speak.

  • Mute yourself if you join via ZOOM. When you are not speaking please mute yourself so we do not hear background noise.

  • Use the chat function on ZOOM. Please use the “chat” function to record your unrelated questions or to make longer comments.

Connection Guide

Enjoying Christ uses the ZOOM video conferencing platform.  You can join by a smartphone or computer equipped with a microphone and camera. You can also join by phone.  Here are some tips to help you Enjoy Christ:

  • To join by computer or smartphone, simply click the "JOIN ONLINE" button above.  You will then be taken to the online "room" where the study will take place.  

  • After clicking the button above, you may be prompted to install the ZOOM app. You should go ahead and follow the directions to install the app. This process will not harm your computer in any way and will take less than a minute.  Once installation is complete, you should be able to join the conversation.

  • When you first arrive in the ZOOM room, your microphone may be muted.  Please check before you try to speak.  To unmute yourself, press the microphone icon at the bottom left of your screen.

  • Click here to be taken to the ZOOM support site.

Submit a Question

Whenever possible, Enjoying Christ wants to talk about the questions on your mind.  Submit a question about God, the Bible, or Christianity, and we will make it the topic of a future Bible study.  We would like to collect your information so we can notify you when your topic will be discussed.  Please indicate if you would prefer if we did not attribute the question to you when the topic is discussed.

Thanks! Question sent.

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