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Creating a Safe Space to Talk About Race was a great success!

The 4-part workshop series covered the following topics:

Understanding Race

This session looked to define race and discuss whether or not it is a valid way to group people.

Why Race Exists

We explored the origins of race and how it has transformed our society. This workshop looked at the creation of “Whiteness,” “Blackness,” and “Indian” as examples of the construction of race.

A World Without Race

This session discussed systemic injustice and the things that fuel it. We explored what it would take to undo racial divisions and promote unity.

Where We Go From Here

We discussed some individual and collective next steps we could employ to address systemic injustice in our community.

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Please contact us if you have any questions about Creating a Safe Space to Talk About Race.

We want to thank Fiona Mamai, Maria Photinakis, and Delanie Pon for their wonderful artwork.


Special thanks to our partners who helped make the event possible.

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This event is supported by the Waltham Cultural Council.

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Please click here for a partial list of resources to widen your understanding of race, people from different people groups, and how we together can pursue racial unity. We do not endorse every resource and not all of the thinkers agree. However, the works listed represent important voices in the ongoing conversation. 
"The kaleidoscope reveals reality. It shows us that what we perceive as different pieces are really part of the same beautiful picture."
Grace Christian Church is excited to present Kaleidoscope, a series of events that celebrate the beautiful diversity of our community and create spaces to talk across man-made divisions.  We dream of a Waltham community that is profoundly united in its diversity.

Kaleidoscope Festival

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Kaleidoscope Festival 2019 was great!
Thanks to our partners for making the Festival a great success:
2019 Network Partners (helped make the festival possible):
This program was supported in part by a grant from the Waltham Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.
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