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Small Groups

At Grace Christian Church (GCC), we have a wonderful Celebration Meeting on Sundays, however, we believe more is needed to be spiritually healthy and fulfilled. We need community and authentic relationships. We need to feel like we belong. We need to explore our interests and gifts with others. And, we need opportunities to go deeper into the scriptures so we can better understand God. This is the purpose of the GCC small groups. 

We have two small group pathways. Both avenues allow participants to gather online, and, in some cases, in person. Enjoying Christ are small groups that are interactive, relational Bible studies. They provide participants an opportunity to deeply understand the Word of God with friendly brothers and sisters. Also, we have participants from all over the world, so attendees get to experience global diversity. We also have Affinity Spaces, which are gatherings that allow participants to have fun, learn things, and explore interests. Affinity Spaces give people opportunities to simply live life together, without an agenda. 

All are welcome to participate in our small groups. We will save a place for you!

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